Brianne Johnson

estee lauder video script

Video script for Estee Lauder Brandcenter student project. Not for commercial use.

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estee lauder: video Script

imagining the beauty industry in 2035:

Until today, you’ve been missing from most palettes. Thirteen shades of ivory have never been enough.

Until today, you’ve been forced to play mad scientist, mixing colors and tones until your makeup finally looks like what you look like. 

But today, more than half of the United States population is Black, Hispanic and Latinx, Asian, Indian, Native American. Faces have never looked so different, or so much like yours. And finally, makeup does too.

On-the-spot hyper-customization. Advanced face-scanning technology. DNA-driven pigment identification. Fancy-sounding technologies that do one thing: create makeup that doesn’t just look good on you; this makeup is you. In this future, the beauty store is not where the search for the right product starts. Because when makeup is scientifically designed for you, there is no search.

Freed from the responsibility to listen and diagnose, in-store consultants—both human and the AI that help them—become your expert creative partners. Together, you explore the technology and you don’t simply wonder what’s possible. Together, you make it possible. Right there in the store.

It’s why legacy beauty brands reign. Because when makeup is data, and the data is yours, you trust the original innovators in beauty. The names known for quality. The years of work put in to redefine what beauty can be, and expand who it’s for.

There is no one Estée Lauder woman. There is only you—and the highest quality product made for you.